Green Apple Acres characters in the stories, both farm animals and human, navigate life’s twists and turns, gaining strength and wisdom through their experiences. Award-winning children's books!

  • Animals on the farm face and navigate challenges on the farm, learning valuable life lessons!
  • Five stories in each book, every story has a theme and a moral!
  • Interactive questions for young readers at the end of each story!
  • Photos of real animals and people in the stories at the back of the book!
  • Beautiful Illustrations!
  • Ages 8 to 12, younger children also enjoy these stories!
  • Hardback
  • Great for reading, learning and gift giving!
  • Community and School Libraries appreciate donations of these books!
“Throughout my books, my goal is for young readers to identify with real-life situations and challenges, and gain a sense of strength to face the twists and turns of their lives. We learn and grow by every situation we face in life. A good goal should always be to achieve a successful result, gain wisdom from it and become a better person because of it.”

—Cynthia A. Sudor, Author

Motivational Speaking by Cynthia A. Sudor

Cynthia presents inspiring, motivational and engaging presentations for keynote speeches, annual conferences, forums, and seminars, based on her own life journey, both professional and personal!


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